Candle Holder

Candle Holder

These stunning concrete round tea light candle holders are the perfect addition... 

The Stuff We make is pretty concrete

NOTE - Each piece is carefully handcrafted by us. Due to the nature of concrete, there will be some air pockets, variations in color and inconsistent texture which I believe adds beauty to each piece. Due to the angle and lighting it may look different than what is shown in the photos.

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HEY DECOR started as an experiment to try something new and creative. We fell in love with the process of creating something unique and entirely from hand. We took it from simple Pots to a range of products - Trays, Planters, Candle Holders, Desk Organizers, etc.

Our color and range has developed with the influences of our customers. All items are hand-crafted with love. We take pride in being able to provide you with quality, dependable products.

New things are always on the horizon so stay tuned and sign up to the newsletter for regular updates.

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  • All products are handmade with love.

  • We only use high quality sustainable and eco-friendly raw ingredients

  • We ship across India